Accepted Papers

List of Papers Accepted for CVPR 2020 Biometrics Workshop
Paper ID Paper Title
1 On Improving the Generalization of Face Recognition in the Presence of Occlusions
8 Latent Fingerprint Image Enhancement based on progressive generative adversarial network
10 Domain Agnostic Feature Learning for Image and Video Based Face Anti-spoofing
12 Triple-GAN: Progressive Face Aging with Triple Translation Loss
13 Plastic Surgery: An Obstacle for Deep Face Recognition?
18 Offline Signature Verification on Real-World Documents
21 FEHash: Full Entropy Hash for Face Template Protection
22 Defending Black Box Facial Recognition Classifiers against Adversarial Attacks
26 Adversarial Light Projection Attacks on Face Recognition Systems: A Feasibility Study
29 Seamless Payment System Using Face And Low-Energy Bluetooth
34 Seeing Red: PPG Biometrics Using Smartphone Cameras
36 Quality Guided Sketch-to-Photo Image Synthesis
39 An a-contrario Biometrics Fusion Approach
41 Class-Balanced Training for Deep Face Recognition
49 A Comprehensive Study on Loss Functions for Cross-Factor Face Recognition
51 Fold Electrocardiogram Into a Fingerprint
59 When Person Re-identification Meets Changing Clothes
* The reviews for all the papers submitted for the CVPR 2020 Biometrics Workshop can be accessed from CMT after April 13, 2020.
** Details for the camera ready submission and instructions will be sent by email after April 13, 2020.