Visualization and Intelligent Systems Laboratory



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Winston Chung Hall Room 216
University of California, Riverside
900 University Avenue
Riverside, CA 92521-0425

Tel: (951)-827-3954

Bourns College of Engineering
NSF IGERT on Video Bioinformatics

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Other Collaborators:
Keio University

Other Activities:
IEEE Biometrics Workshop 2019
IEEE Biometrics Workshop 2018
Worshop on DVSN 2009
Multibiometrics Book

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Alex Shin

Last updated: July 1, 2017



Saisri Padmaja Jonnalagedda


Research Interests:
- Applied Digital Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Biomedical and Healthcare applications

  • P. Jonnalagedda, B. Weinberg, J. Allen, T.L. Min, S. Bhanu and B. Bhanu, “SAGE: Sequential attribute generator for analyzing glioblastomas using limited dataset,” International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Milan, Italy, January 10-15, 2021. Accepted June 20, 2020. Also at arXiv preprint arXiv: 2005.07225, 2020. Link
  • P. Jonnalagedda, B. Weinberg, J. Allen and B. Bhanu, “Feature disentanglement to aid imaging biomarker characterization for genetic mutations,” Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL) Conference, Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, Montreal, Canada, July 6-8, 2020. (full paper, 66/148 full paper accepted) . Link
  • P. Jonnalagedda, D. Schmolze and B. Bhanu, “MVPNets: Multi-Viewing path deep learning neural networks for magnification invariant diagnosis in breast cancer,” The 18th IEEE International Conference on BioInformatics and BioEngineering, October 29-31, 2018. Link
  • P. Jonnalagedda, D. Schmolze and B. Bhanu, “Segmentation based data augmentation in deep networks for magnification invariant breast cancer detection,” 19th UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium, University of California at Riverside, June 21-23, 2018. Link
  • Jonnalagedda, Padmaja, Fei Deng, Kyle Douglas, Leanne Chukoskie, Michael Yip, Tse Nga Ng, Truong Nguyen, Andrew Skalsky, and Harinath Garudadri. "An instrumented glove for improving spasticity assessment." In Healthcare Innovation Point-Of-Care Technologies Conference (HI-POCT), 2016 IEEE, pp. 167-170. IEEE, 2016. Link
  • Megha, J.V., Padmaja, J.S. and Doye, D.D., "Radially Defined Local Binary Patterns for Hand Gesture Recognition." In International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering (IJATCSE), Vol. 4, pp. 44-48, Special Issue of ICEEC, 2015. Link
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