List of Papers Accepted for CVPR 2016 Biometrics Workshop
Paper ID Paper Title
1 Offline Signature Verification Based on Bag-of-Visual Words Model Using KAZE Features and Weighting Schemes
4 Implementation of Fixed-Length Template Protection Based on Homomorphic Encryption with Application to Signature Biometrics
7 Latent Fingerprint Image Segmentation using Fractal Dimension Features and Weighted Extreme Learning Machine Ensemble
8 CALIPER: Continuous Authentication Layered with Integrated PKI Encoding Recognition
9 Simultaneous Semi-Coupled Dictionary Learning for Matching RGBD data
12 Deep Tattoo Recognition
24 Deep Secure Encoding for Face Template Protection
26 A Polarimetric Thermal Database for Face Recognition Research
28 Gaussian Conditional Random Fields for Face Recognition
30 Grouper: Optimizing Crowdsourced Face Annotations
31 Pooling Faces: Template based Face Recognition with Pooled Face Images
32 A Comparison of Human and Automated Face Verification Accuracy on Unconstrained Image Sets
34 Weakly Supervised Facial Analysis with Dense Hyper-column Features
35 Soft-Margin Learning for Multiple Feature-Kernel Combinations with Domain Adaptation, for Recognition in Surveillance Face Dataset
36 Feature Vector Compression based on Least Error Quantization
40 Heterogeneous Face Recognition using Inter-Session Variability Modelling
44 PARAPH: Presentation Attack Rejection by Analyzing Polarization Hypotheses
45 Real-Time Face Identification via CNN and Boosted Hashing Forest
47 Frequency mapby Structure Tensor in Logarithmic Scale†† Space and Forensic Fingerprints
48 Two-Stream CNNs for Authentication and Identification: Learning User Gesture Style
49 GMM-SVM Fingerprint Verification Based on Minutiae Only
50 What do you do when you know that you donít know?
52 A Comprehensive Analysis of Deep Learning Based Representation for Face Recognition
54 DeepGender: Occlusion and Low Resolution Robust Facial Gender Classification via Progressively Trained Convolutional Neural Network with Attention
* The reviews for all the papers submitted for the CVPR 2016 Biometrics Workshop can be accessed from CMT on/after June 27, 2016 -> May 27, 2016.
** Details for the camera ready submission and instructions will be sent by email on June 27, 2016 -> May 27, 2016.
Acceptance Rate: 39.34% (based on 61 reviewed papers and 24 papers finally accepted for the presentation).