Invited Talk

Invited Talk 1:30-2:30pm, 23rd June, 2013

Title: A Multimodal Perspective on Biometrics and Entity Profiles

Dr. Prem Natrajan, Senior Vice President, Raytheon-BBN, USA 

Brief Bio: Dr. Premkumar (Prem) Natarajan is an Executive Vice President and Principal Scientist at Raytheon BBN Technologies. As a member of BBN's executive leadership team, he oversees technical and business operations in Speech, Language and Multimedia Technologies at BBN.  Prem's technical contributions span several multimedia processing and pattern recognition areas, including speech recognition, language understanding, speech-to-speech translation, video analysis and content extraction, topic classification, speech triage, and optical character recognition (OCR).  He has served as Principal Investigator on numerous Department of Defense (DOD) and Intelligence Community sponsored research and deployment projects, including important DARPA-sponsored research efforts such as the TRANSTAC, MADCAT, and DEFT programs, and IARPA-sponsored research efforts such as VACE and ALADDIN.  Previously, as Manager, Speech Engineering, he was responsible for the advancement and deployment by BBN of commercial speech technology solutions for Directory Assistance Automation and Call Center applications.