List of Accepted Papers:

Paper ID                                                                        Paper Title
# 5 Image Set-based Face Recognition: A Local Multi-Keypoint Descriptor-based Approach

Na Liu (Sun Yat-Sen University), Meng Hui Lim (Hong Kong Baptist University) , Pong Chi Yuen (Hong Kong Baptist University) , Jian-Huang Lai (Sun Yat-Sen University)

# 9
An Augmented Linear Discriminant Analysis Approach for Identifying Identical Twins with the Aid of Facial Asymmetry Features

Felix Juefei-Xu (Carnegie Mellon University), Marios Savvides (Carnegie Mellon University)

# 14
A New Protocol to Evaluate the Resistance of Template Update Systems Against Zero Effort Attacks

Romain Giot (GREYC, CNRS : UMR6072 – Université de Caen Basse-Normandie – Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Caen), Christophe Rosenberger (GREYC, CNRS : UMR6072 – Université de Caen Basse-Normandie – Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Caen) , Bernadette Dorizzi (SAMOVAR, CNRS : UMR5157 – Institut Mines-Télécom – Télécom SudParis)

# 20
General Regression and Representation Model for Face Recognition

Jianjun Qian (Nanjing University of Science and Technology), Jian Yang (Nanjing University of Science and Technology)

# 22
A New Metric for Latent Fingerprint Image Preprocessing

Haiying Guan (NIST), Andrew Dienstfrey (NIST), Mary Theofanos (NIST)

# 23
Issues in rotational (non-) invariance and image preprocessing

Lalit Jain (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs), Michael Wilber (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Securics Inc.), Terry Boult (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Securics Inc.)

# 27
Bacteria Foraging Fusion For Face Recognition Across Age Progression

Daksha Yadav (IIIT Delhi), Richa Singh (IIITD), Mayank Vatsa (IIIT Delhi), Massimo Tistarelli (University of Sassari)

# 29
Fixation and Saccade based Face Recognition from Single Image per Person with Various Occlusions and Expressions

Xingjie Wei (The University of Warwick, UK), Chang-Tsun Li (The University of Warwick, UK)

# 31
Minutiae-based Matching State Model for Combinations in Fingerprint Matching System

Xi Cheng, (University at Buffalo, NY), Sergey Tulyakov (University at Buffalo, NY), Venu Govindaraju (University at Buffalo, NY)

# 32
Self-Organizing Maps for Fingerprint Image Quality Assessment

Martin Aastrup Olsen (NIST, Gjøvik University College), Elham Tabassi (NIST), Anton Makarov (Technical University of Denmark), Christoph Busch (Gjøvik University College)

# 38
Shape and Texture Based Countermeasure to Protect  Face Recognition Systems Against Mask Attacks

Neslihan Kose (EURECOM), Jean-Luc Dugelay (EURECOM)

# 45
Continuous 3D Face Authentication using RGB-D Cameras

Mauricio Pamplona Segundo (Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil), Sudeep Sarkar (University of South Florida, USA), Dmitry Goldgof (University of South Florida, USA), Luciano Silva (Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil) , Olga Bellon (Universidade Federal do Parana, Brazil)

# 50
Anti-spoofing in action: joint operation with a verification system

Ivana Chingovska (Idiap Research Institute), André Anjos (Idiap Research Institute), Sebastien Marcel (Idiap Research Institute)

# 54
Quality Assessment for Fingerprints Collected by Smartphone Cameras

Guoqiang Li (Gjøvik University College), Bian Yang (Gjøvik University College), Martin Oslen (Gjøvik University College) Christoph Busch (Gjøvik University College)

# 60
On Controlling Genuine Reject Rate in Multi-stage Biometric Verification

Md Hossain (Louisiana Tech University), Kiran Balagani (New York Institute of Technology), Vir Phoha (Louisiana Tech University)

# 62
Similarity Measure Using Local Phase Features and Its Application to Biometric Recognition

Shoichiro Aoyama (Tohoku University), Koichi Ito (Tohoku University), Takafumi Aoki (Tohoku University)

# 64
Texture Modeling for Synthetic Fingerprint Generation

Peter Johnson (Clarkson University), Fang Hua (Clarkson University), Stephanie Schuckers (Clarkson University)

# 69
What is a 'Good' Periocular Region for Recognition?

Jonathon M. Smereka (Carnegie Mellon University), B.V.K. Vijaya Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University)

# 79
Computationally Efficient Face Spoofing Detection with Motion Magnification

Samarth Bharadwaj (IIIT Delhi), Tejas Dhamecha (IIIT Delhi), Mayank Vatsa (IIIT Delhi), Richa Singh (IIIT Delhi)

# 80
Can Combining Demographics and Biometrics Improve De-duplication Performance ?

Himanshu Bhatt (IIIT Delhi), Richa Singh (IIIT Delhi), Mayank Vatsa (IIIT Delhi)

# 85
Histogram of Weighted Local Directions for Gait Recognition

Sabesan Sivapalan (QUT), Daniel Chen (QUT), Simon Denman (QUT), Sridha Sridharan (QUT), Clinton Fookes (QUT)